ViaResponse Classroom Response System

I have used classroom response systems for several years.  Not all systems are the same and neither are all equally effective.  The most important element in determining how useful “clickers” are is the approach of the instructor.  

Cost is a major concern for students and it is imperative that the instructor weighs the benefits of using a “clicker” to support an enhanced learning environment with the cost students need to bear.

Because this is a hybrid version of the class we will be using the ViaResponse classroom response system.  ViaResponse is a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) “clicker,” which means you do not have to buy hardware.  You can run the “clicker” client on a computer, your laptop, tablet or smart phone and you can answer the questions from the classroom/library/home/dorm/work as long as there is an internet, wi-fi or cellular data connection.

To use ViaResponse you will need to create an account and buy a license from the company.  You will receive an email invitation from the ViaResponse to register closer to the time class starts with clear instructions.  This invitation arrive when  your instructor creates the class roll for your section.

You will be able to download a mobile app for iOS, Android or Windows/HTML5 at You will receive more details on this process closer to the start of classes.


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