What you will need for BUSA3000

NOTE: THESE ARE HYBRID SECTIONS: For the sections of BUSA3000 taught by Boers during Fall 2013 you will need to study the material for the class ahead of the class time AND TO COMPLETE A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME CLASSWORK OUTSIDE CLASS.  We meet in class only once a week for 75 minutes where we will discuss the content that you studied from the textbook and other sources.  You will also complete assignments online.

You will also take part in the class using social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Storify, Flickr), a blog, a Wiki project.  You may choose to produce a Podcast or video for credit.

TWO (2) things are REQUIRED for BUSA3000 Fall 2013 sections taught by Jacobus Boers:  

  1. ViaResponse account

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