Welcome to Spring 2013 Class

This space is specifically for students enrolled in BUSA3000 at Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University taught by Jacobus Boers.

This semester we will learn about “Globalization & International Business Practices.”  I know that since this is a core course you are likely here because you have to be here and not because you are just desperately looking to learn about international business.  Many of you will find this a brave new world.   Do not fear, you will not just survive but will discover all kinds of interesting things that will better prepare you to compete in a global job market.  Most important, while we learn we will do some fun  stuff!

You can take the traditional approach, read the textbook, write a paper, come to class and study hard.  This will get you some pretty good results (if you study really hard).

Alternatively you can read the textbook, write a paper, come to class and study hard AND ENGAGE in the conversation in class or out of class.  There will be many options available to you: FaceBook, Twitter, blogging, a wiki, and others.  Be careful in how you use these tools in class because they may show how well (or how little) you have kept up with what is happening in class.  If you engage fully you may just see the world differently by the end of the semester and earn an excellent grade (if you study really hard).

I look forward to meeting you.  I am ready to have fun.  Are you?

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