Variance Exam


 Note: Only the IIB BUSA 3000 Course Coordinator (Prof. Pedro E. Carrillo) grants variances for the final examination date. Permission granted by others, including your instructor, will not be honored. You must follow the guidelines below to obtain a variance date to take the final exam:

Requests for variance must be received in the IIB Department no later than FRIDAY, November 16thh, 2012

A letter must be written to the BUSA 3000 Course Coordinator, Pedro E. Carrillo, and must be supported by additional written documentation regarding the students conflicting obligation. Job conflicts are to be supported by a letter from the students supervisor on company stationery. Variances for students involved in the wedding of an immediate family member will be considered. Others will not. Copies of a wedding invitation and statement of kinship must support those requests.

Because the Disability Services office is not open on Saturday, students who normally take exams in the Disability Services office must also apply for an exam variance by the date listed above. With your letter to the Course Coordinator, provide a letter from the Disability Services office stating that you normally take your exams in their office.

The letter to the Course Coordinator must include:

  1. Your name,
  2. Your Social Security number and/or your Panther number,
  3. Telephone number,
  4. Your E-mail address,
  5. Your home address,
  6. the name of your instructor, and
  7. Your course section.

 The letter  should be mailed or faxed to:

Pedro E. Carrillo,

BUSA 3000 Course Coordinator,

Institute of International Business,

Robinson College of Business,

35 Broad Street, Room 1438

Atlanta GA 30303-3084

(Fax: 404-413-7280).

If a variance request is approved, the IIB will determine the date and site of an alternate examination. It is a departmental policy that an alternate examination will be scheduled at an earlier, rather than a later, date.

Examination after the date of the common final will be granted only when the student has become physically disabled late in the semester.


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