Online Presentation: IB Term Paper – Draft Submission & Review Process in D2L & SWoRD

The Critical Thinking though Writing (CTW) initiative at GSU requires that all students complete CTW assignments in core courses and also in electives.

BUSA3000 as a core course in the Robinson College of Business undergraduate program therefore also is a designated CTW course. The CTW assignment in this course is an International Business Term Paper. The term paper is not only written once and submitted but is subject to a draft & review process. This means that you will submit drafts throughout the semester and then receive specific feedback on your critical thinking as reflected by the paper and also on your writing stye and grammar as well as the format of the paper.

You will continue to improve the paper as it makes its way through several drafts, each with increasingly rigorous feedback. On drafts 2 and 3 you will also participate in this review and feedback process as you will be required to give blind peer feedback on the papers of other students using the same as is used to assess your own paper. You will also be asked to ive feedback to those peers that reviewed your paper.

Of course, critical thinking is not something we do only in the CWT assignment. We will be working on these critical thinking skills all semester long as we participate in class or on social media.

Please take a few minutes and review the Prezi below to familiarize yourself with the International Business Term Paper Draft & Review Process and Submitting in D2L & SWoRD. You can do this by looking at the Prezi directly or watching the video version below.


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