Global Sourcing Challenges – The case of Apple

Apple has been criticized by observers for the labor practices of its suppliers, specifically Foxconn. Here is a look at some of the issues…

After reading the Storify (below) and watching the videos I would like you to post a response (in ViaResponse) to the follow three items:

1) Take a position on the subject: “Should investors in ALL companies that use Foxconn insist on finding alternative suppliers?”
2) Explain why you take this position.
3) Describe the ONE thing (a new story, facts that come to light, report released, etc.) that would possibly make you change your mind.

Your assignment will be evaluated out of 25 points using the following rubric:
The Position in (1) is clearly delineated – 5 points
The justification in (2) supports the position taken in (1) – 15 points
The potential “game changer” in (3) is realistic, does change the assessment justification in (2) and position in (1). – 5 points

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