Fall 2013 is here! Welcome to BUSA3000…

In two weeks the summer break is over.  The Fall  2013 semester will bring lots of excitement and activity.  I will be teaching two hybrid sections of BUSA3000 each with 45 students.  I look forward to this challenge!

As you walk this journey with me this fall I hope that you will explore new things, new ideas and try new types of activities.  Together we will learn and grow while having fun.

It is my hope that when you complete this course with me in December that you will find yourself more confident, more inspired about the years ahead and ready to do great things.

I am your guide, mentor and resource.  Some of this will be familiar, other parts you will find novel and challenging.  You will do the discovering and learning on your own,  at times in unpredictable places.

I look forward to our trip…

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