Course Description

This course examines worldwide integration of economic, political, and socio-cultural aspects of business in order to explore and understand the impact of globalization on countries, organizations, and individuals.

Students develop a world-view of the global marketplace. They learn how knowledge and understanding of the global environment affect business functions. Special consideration is given to key issues in ethics, global social responsibility and technology.

Boers teaches HYBRID SECTIONs: The sections of BUSA3000 taught by Boers during Fall 2013 will require you to study the material for the class ahead of the class time AND TO COMPLETE A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME CLASSWORK OUTSIDE CLASS.  We meet in class only once a week for 75 minutes where we will discuss the content that you studied from the textbook and other sources.  You will also complete assignments online.

You will also participate in the class using social media (FaceBook, Twitter, Storify, Flickr), a blog, a Wiki project.  You may elect to produce a Podcast or video for course credit.

Follow up Course to BUSA 3000: IB 3090

IB 3090 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS OPERATIONS, 3.0 credit hours. (PREREQUISITE: BUSA 3000). This course builds on BUSA 3000 where students examine globalization of markets and are exposed to the macro environment of international business. Attention shifts in this course to the individual firm and the decisions it faces in internationalization. Both small, entrepreneurial firms as well as large multinational enterprises are examined. Topics addressed include: formulating an internationalization strategy, assessment of global market opportunities, foreign market entry modes, marketing strategies, and management of human resources and financial transactions. The challenge of doing business in emerging markets is a special topic.

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