Online Presentation: IB Term Paper – Draft Submission & Review Process in D2L & SWoRD

The Critical Thinking though Writing (CTW) initiative at GSU requires that all students complete CTW assignments in core courses and also in electives.

BUSA3000 as a core course in the Robinson College of Business undergraduate program therefore also is a designated CTW course. The CTW assignment in this course is an International Business Term Paper. The term paper is not only written once and submitted but is subject to a draft & review process. This means that you will submit drafts throughout the semester and then receive specific feedback on your critical thinking as reflected by the paper and also on your writing stye and grammar as well as the format of the paper.

You will continue to improve the paper as it makes its way through several drafts, each with increasingly rigorous feedback. On drafts 2 and 3 you will also participate in this review and feedback process as you will be required to give blind peer feedback on the papers of other students using the same as is used to assess your own paper. You will also be asked to ive feedback to those peers that reviewed your paper.

Of course, critical thinking is not something we do only in the CWT assignment. We will be working on these critical thinking skills all semester long as we participate in class or on social media.

Please take a few minutes and review the Prezi below to familiarize yourself with the International Business Term Paper Draft & Review Process and Submitting in D2L & SWoRD. You can do this by looking at the Prezi directly or watching the video version below.


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Culture – East vs. West — the myths that mystify

For this assignment you will need to watch Devdutt Pattanaik’s East vs. West — the myths that mystify. The link is and the video is also available below.

After watching the video I would like you to discuss the following questions:

1) What metaphors does he use to describe the two cultures in this video? Can you list at least 5 (five) for each culture?

2) What idioms (concepts) does he use to describe the two cutures? Can you list at least 5 (five) for each culture?

3) In terms of the work that E.T.Hall did n communications, how would you position the two cultures? Explain your rationale.

4) In terms of the 5 dimensions proposed by Geert Hofstede, how would you place the two cultures on each of the five dimensions? Why? Can you give an example from the video to show why you place these as you suggest? Keep in mind that they do not necessarilly have to be on opposte end of each dimension.

5) What is the view of Pattaniak on the possibility of change in a culture? Why do you hold this view?

[ted id=686]


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Global Sourcing Challenges – The case of Apple

Apple has been criticized by observers for the labor practices of its suppliers, specifically Foxconn. Here is a look at some of the issues…

After reading the Storify (below) and watching the videos I would like you to post a response (in ViaResponse) to the follow three items:

1) Take a position on the subject: “Should investors in ALL companies that use Foxconn insist on finding alternative suppliers?”
2) Explain why you take this position.
3) Describe the ONE thing (a new story, facts that come to light, report released, etc.) that would possibly make you change your mind.

Your assignment will be evaluated out of 25 points using the following rubric:
The Position in (1) is clearly delineated – 5 points
The justification in (2) supports the position taken in (1) – 15 points
The potential “game changer” in (3) is realistic, does change the assessment justification in (2) and position in (1). – 5 points

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Global Business Forum 2013

The Robinson College of Business is continuously looking for opportunities to open the minds of its students and challenge them to think in a global context. The Global Business Forum is one such opportunity.

This event further provides an opportunity for students to take on leadership responsibility. The entire effort was conceived, planned and will be by the AIESEC chapter at Georgia State University. AIESEC is the largest student-run organization in the world and is built around the idea of creating global understanding through learning experiences. This event is organized and run by students for students. The leadership team reports directly to the RCB Board of Advisors.

J. Mack Robinson College of Business (RCB) Board of Advisors challenged RCB to develop an activity that will:
1. Develop student leadership skills by empowering them to conceive and organize a college event,
2. Give students the opportunity to understand global and international business from the perspective of business leaders and future employers, and
3. Give students the opportunity to network with business executives.

The Global Business Forum (GBF) is scheduled for Tuesday, September 10th from between 9:30 am – 1:30 pm. All students registered BUSA3000 for the Fall 2013 semester MUST attend the GBF on this date at this time unless the chair of the IIB grants the student an official variance.

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Fall 2013 is here! Welcome to BUSA3000…

In two weeks the summer break is over.  The Fall  2013 semester will bring lots of excitement and activity.  I will be teaching two hybrid sections of BUSA3000 each with 45 students.  I look forward to this challenge!

As you walk this journey with me this fall I hope that you will explore new things, new ideas and try new types of activities.  Together we will learn and grow while having fun.

It is my hope that when you complete this course with me in December that you will find yourself more confident, more inspired about the years ahead and ready to do great things.

I am your guide, mentor and resource.  Some of this will be familiar, other parts you will find novel and challenging.  You will do the discovering and learning on your own,  at times in unpredictable places.

I look forward to our trip…

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Improving your BUSA3000 CW paper

In this course we use a rubric to assess your work.  There are five standards that are applied to assess your critical thinking skills ad presented in your paper.  These are:

  • Clarity
  • Precision
  • Relevance
  • Breadth
  • Logic

An earlier screen cast reviewed how you can use the basic elements of Toulmin’s model of argument to improve the clarity of your paper.

Here we will be looking at a new screen cast that may help you improve the LOGIC and BREADTH of the paper by adding “qualifiers.”

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Writing your BUSA3000 International Business Term Paper

When writing the International Business Term Paper keep in mind that this is a CTW (Critical Thinking through Writing) course and that a rubric is used to assess your work.

If you are having problems with CLARITY on this assignment you may want to take 5 minutes and watch this screen cast on how to improve clarity using the basic elements of the Toulmin model to improve your paper.


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BUSA3000 Social Media Contribution Rubric

When posting to social media for the course your contributions will be assessed using the following rubric at:


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Class Exercise: Global Sourcing Challenges – The case of Apple

This link to the Storify Global Sourcing Challenges – The case of Apple will take you to a collection of videos on Apple’s supplier Foxconn.

We will discuss the challenges Apple faces in class as an exercise during the first 15 minutes of class.

You may want to think about:

1) what the issues are,

2) what some of the challenges are in addressing these issues and

3) what Apple may need to do.

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Spring 2013 BUSA3000 – Are you ready?

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